Eltronix integrated the ICT and small engine motor technology of Taiwan with the capability of innovation and expect ourselves to be a leader of mechatronics solutions provider for would-wide motorcycle market. Eltronix is excellent to develop the engine electronic control system for locomotive, which is selected as starting-point in the motorcycle industry.

Eltronix was established at the end of 2013, and successfully stationed in Tsinghua University incubation Center. Meanwhile, we success to completed the electronic ignition control (CDI) of pilot production.

Our latest product "high performance rectifier regulator" is launched in 2015, this key component is not only to show our strength in motorcycle system of fuel injection ,but also help users to get better power efficiency.

We will continually to develop safe, efficient and innovative products for motorcycle in the future , and also provide users more comfortable riding experience.


Since the green technology is become the trend of industry ,the demand of better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions for the new generation of small motorized vehicles is increasing . In order to significantly improve the efficiency of the locomotive, the manufacturer introduced a large number of microelectronic technology, and lead-in automotive grade fuel injection system. However, there are still many bottlenecks to be breakthrough in using the electronic system.

Eltronix believe that the foundation of Taiwan locomotive manufacturing is solid, and has first-class electronic technology, including IC design talent. Within high utilization of small vehicles subtropical region, Taiwan has potential to become the leader of this field. Thus, we expect ourselves to promote MIT products to be the number one in the world.